Friday, June 4, 2010

What's The Point?

When you're breastfeeding while on Weight Watchers you get extra points - 10 if you're breastfeeding exclusively, and 5 if you are supplementing with formula or feeding your baby solids. When I first started I was allowed FORTY POINTS. I could hardly even eat as many points as I had at my disposal! I never touched my weekly flex points or counted activity points, I just didn't need to. I wasn't sure if breastfeeding would work this time around, but now I had yet another reason to be grateful it did. As my weight went down I had to adjust my points, but it was slow and easy to get used to because I had started with so many.

Every week the weight dropped off. Every single week the ladies would exclaim at my success as I plowed through the gold stars and coveted keychain charms. As of last week I was 1.4lbs away from having lost 50lbs. Given my weekly losses I figured it would be a walk in the park to hit that target this week. Everything should have been fine. Never get cocky.

For the first time since I started Weight Watchers, I gained this week. A measly, minimal 0.2lbs, but it was in the wrong direction. And I knew it was coming. I worked out and stayed within my points, but given my addiction to the scale, I was well aware that things were not looking good.

The little miss finally started solids a few weeks ago, and just this week she really started getting it. She's trying everything and getting hungrier at every meal. I knew that I would have to reduce my allowance by five points soon, but I was waiting until she was eating solids regularly before making the shift. And then waiting some more.

It wasn't going to be easy. Given the enormous points allowance I started with, I was used to snacking to use up points. I have a wide variety of 2-point snacks in my cabinets and Skinny Cow treats in my freezer. I have a mid-morning snack, an afternoon snack, and (at least) one after dinner treat. It's kind of ridiculous how much I could eat each day.

The time has come. She's feeding less and I've been eating the same amount, and the scale is showing the result. One of us is going to have to change something. Short of shoving my breast into her face and forcefeeding her, it looks like I'm the one that's going to have to give.


After the weigh-in this morning, I made the painful decision to make today the day. I went from 35 glorious, ice cream filled points down to 30. It probably wasn't the smartest day to do it, given that we had sushi for lunch with a friend in from out of town, and Friday night is always pizza night (1/4 of a Dr. Oetker "Vegetale" pizza is only 4 pts!). I allowed myself one 1-point snack this afternoon and a Skinny Cow for dessert.

It is now just after 11:00pm and I AM HUNGRY. And I am out of points for the day.

It's like I'm starting Weight Watchers all over again and need to relearn how to manage each day's food. Just when I thought I had it figured out.

I am NOT looking forward to when the little miss is weaned and I have to give up ANOTHER five points. What the hell am I supposed to eat then?!

I may have to keep breastfeeding until she moves out. Anything to keep my Skinny Cow.


  1. The points seem crazy. I started WW at 90.5kg (199 lbs - I can't beleive I actually wrote that) and my points allocation was 20, plus 7 for breastfeeding (27 in total). Online there are only 2 options, breastfeeding or not, but the extra points allocated is only 7. I've dropped 5.1kg (just over 11 lbs) so far and my points allocation hasn't changed yet - it drops every 10 kgs, but I don't know by how much.

    It seems strange to me that you would have so many points still. I can't imagine they have set different points for food in different countries... But having 2 options for breasfeeding points seems to make sense to me.

  2. And I don't know what Skinny Cow is, but I almost always make sure I have at least a point left at the end of the day so that I can have a gingernut biscuit with a cup of tea ;)

  3. I've been reading some of your stuff and I love your honesty and your sense of humour. I thought you looked great when I met you at Digimums.

    Christie, a.k.a., The Know It All Mom

  4. Thanks Christie! I thought it was a fantastic event and it was meet everyone. :)

    Shan, the points here are figured out this way:

    1) Take the first 2 digits of your starting weight (ie. 19 of 199). That's your starting pts. Then add for the following factors:
    2) Female - 2pts (Males get 8pts)
    3) Age - for 27-37 it's 3pts
    4) Height - under 5'1" it's 0pts, 5'1"-5'10" is 1pt
    5) Activity - I got 2pts for "occasionally sitting but mainly standing"..."mom" was one of the descriptors!
    6)Nursing mom - solely breastfeeding was 10, supplementing with formula or solids was 5

    So, given that I started at 223 I ended up with 40pts. I've taken it down when I hit a new "10" (190, 180, etc) but to be honest I don;t do it every time. The book says to definitely revisit the questions at week 16.

    And Skinny Cow is AWESOME. It's a frozen treat brand that does ice cream sandwiches, fudge bars, etc and they're all around 2pts.They're bloody expensive but are the best tasting by far. Nestle Minis are also good but smaller. Basically any "mini" frozen treat that falls around 100 cals will be 2 pts.

    Does that make it make more sense? I know it's still a lot compared to most people!

  5. I recently joined weight watchers but I'm struggling - in fact over the last few weeks I've gained more than I've lost (putting me pretty much back where I started). I think its the breastfeeding. A combination of the extra points not needing me to change what I eat too much and the fact that often in the mornings when I have to weigh in my boobs are at least half full (and damn they weight a lot). I'm trying to decide what to do next because I'm finding it too depressing right now that there's been no change despite all my recording and paying attention!

    And I'll second Christine - you look great!

  6. I always pump every last drop before I go weigh in! I must lose at least 2 lbs from that!

    Emily, I'm sorry it's getting you down. Have you talked to your meeting leader (or are you doing it online)? Maybe they can help you figure out a solution to get the loss started. Maybe you don't need the bf-ing points?

    Are you having lots of sodium the day before you weigh-in? That can also make a big difference. If I have sodium the day before I always eat a banana that evening to help flush it out!

    Just a couple of thoughts that might help. I'm by no means an expert!


  7. Pump! Just kidding. I, personally, am completely and totally impressed with all the work you've done. You are a success already. Thank you for the inspiration!

  8. Oh I love me some Skinny Cow!
    (and if I had known Breast feeding was that good for the fat burning, I would have fed them until they went to school! lol)

  9. I'm going to have to try those skinny cow's .. i noticed Breyers now has 1/2 fat stuff like that .. I love their mocha fudge brownie icecream .. 3pts in 1/2 cup