Sunday, September 4, 2011

Healthy Families BC & a Lululemon Giveaway!

It seems counter-intuitive. Summer should be an easy time to get out and get active, but without the routine of the school year (yes, even preschool) and scheduled activities, I've actually found it quite a challenge this year to figure out when to work out. Mr. Awesome's hectic travel schedule compounds the issue somewhat, so I'm grabbing opportunities when they come along.

If I just have the little miss it's a bit easier, as I can still go out with her in the stroller and get in a good power walk. The little man makes exercise a little more challenging. He refuses to ride a bike and a walk with him in tow isn't exactly strenuous.

Even though the summer weather is beautiful, I do find it easier to plan our activities during the school year. Maybe summer just has too much freedom - tentative plans to go swimming get put off til the next day because ALL the days are nice, and then end up not happening. The kids still get their running around time in the back yard, but we're not getting out and doing things as a family. Fall and winter bring swimming lessons, preschool and then SNOW!

Last New Year's Eve we went snowshoeing with the kids in backpacks. What a change from two years ago. Mr. Awesome has always been an active guy, but until I started my weight loss journey I wouldn't have classified us an active family. Now that I'm not carrying around that 70lbs and I have discovered my love of keeping active and working out, we do a lot more. I used to shy away from plans that might involve a lot of activity, as my back would get sore, my breath would get short and it just wasn't a good time.

Now it's a whole new world! (But hopefully this year the little man can manage on his own because he's nearing 40lbs and that is a lot of weight to carry through the snow, even for the great Mr. Awesome.) I hope to get a lot more snowshoeing in because that was a great workout.

Healthy Families BC, an initiative from the Province of British Columbia, recently launched a campaign to promote health and wellness in BC families.

Healthy Families is a readily accessible resource to help families eat healthy and live well. This online community which is hosted on the Healthy Families website, blog, Twitter (@healthyfamilybc) and Facebook Page helps BC citizens make informed and positive lifestyle choices.

Healthy Families BC offers everything from
inspiring recipes and information on snacks for children to updates on local community based health programs.
To help raise awareness for this campaign and to encourage BC families to get active, Healthy Families BC has given me a $250 Lululemon gift card to give away one of my readers so they can get active in style!
Here’s how to enter to win:

  • Like Healthy Families BC on Facebook
  • Leave a comment on this post about how you and your family keep active during the school year. Lessons, sports teams, etc. (1 entry)
  • Post the following on Twitter (1 entry):

  • I entered to win a $250 Lululemon gift card from @HealthyFamilyBC & @findingmyweigh!
    I will draw one winner at random from all entries received (both tweets and comments on this post) next Sunday, September 11, 2011 at 9:00am. The contest is open to all residents of BC.
    Good luck, and get active!


    1. Your link to the Healthy Families BC Facebook page is wonky... but I did find it of course. I run year round and our whole family likes to ski and snowboard at Mount Baldy. It's harder to find year-round extra curricular sports here in the south okanagan but we love the slopes and snowball fights :D

    2. We sign the boys up for sports that they are interested in (this year it's swimming, soccer and gymnastics) and then try and get out to parks and ride bikes as many times a week as we can.

    3. We take our 2-year old on bike rides regularly and to the park/outside for a walk every day. He also goes for "runs" with us and next Spring will be his first time on downhill skis.

    4. Well... as a new family we don't technically have a school year yet :) However, my husband will be taking our daughter to swim lessons while she and I get out for lots of walks. She and I will also be going to an interactive music program for babies and mom & baby yoga!

    5. Great contest! We go for lots of walks and bike rides with our 4 year old. This year he'll be doing gymnastics, soccer and swimming lessons, which means we'll all be doing gymnastics moves, swimming and practicing soccer! Throw a little baseball in there and it's family fun all round!

    6. After summer we go for walks or bike rides before it gets dark, after that we do some indoor swimming lessons.

      Mariyah Bee-fb

    7. I don't have little ones around but I do live with my mom who is getting older and not able to do the activities she was once able too. We try to go for walks after dinner so she gets excercise in and its a great excuse for some bonding time. I'll also be heading back to bootcamp this week.

    8. Our one and a half year old son is VERY active and loves to run around. So this summer we went out for walks almost every day. At only 15 months he would walk with us up to 15 blocks before getting tired. On hot days we try to make it to the nearby water park where he can run around the sprinklers to cool down. This fall he'll be going to interactive music classes with his dad and tot swimming lessons with his grandma. And him and I will continue our Friday walks together, plus do more when we can.

    9. getting everyone involved in having fun physical activity is the key! When I was a kid, I didn't even realise things like jump rope and tag were exercise. It was just bundles of FUN!

    10. for us, staying active is definitely a priority. as our kids get older it is fun to try out new activities, but we do always make sure to save lots of time for just plain old running around on the playground or playing tag!
      fall + spring both kids take swimming lessons and our 6yo son plays soccer while our 3yo daughter does dance or gymnastics. In the winter it's all about the mountains, and we ski/snowboard, skate, snowshoe and just get out and play in the snow. Sledding is fabulous exercise, pulling the sled back up the hill!
      Thanks for the chance!

    11. Elizabeth and I go to "mom & baby bootcamp" and "mom & baby yoga", but at 6 months her workout involves an extended period of sitting. Oscar's signed up for swimming and gymnastics. We also go for lots of walks with the dog, and of course playground visits!

    12. We go for family walks every day, we swim often and in the winter time we love to go snowshoeing!!! Being out in nature with the family is the best :)

    13. I liked them on FB. We take weekly tennis lessons together and go on lots of walks with our dog.


    14. I don't need to worry about this quite yet, but when I do I know that it will be important to keep everyone active during those hectic school (and working) times with favorite exercise and staying active activities that the whole family can be involved with!

    15. Great contest! How do we keep active? Let me count the ways:
      ONE girl (3 1/2 yrs) in swimming and soccer
      TWO Vizsla dogs who have a penchant for 5km hikes (with the 4 month old in the carrier)
      THREE runs a week (for Mom), as training for a half marathon Thanksgiving weekend
      FOUR family members fit an healthy!

    16. Four busy people keep active:
      3 1/2 yr old daughter is starting gymnastics lessons on Saturdays, plus runs everywhere.
      7 yr old daughter does karate class 2x a week, plus starting soccer team with her friends 2x a week.
      Husband does karate 2x a week plus skateboards plus walks daughter to school.
      (It's Sheelagh commenting, not Julia - that's my daughter but my google account is linked to her blog).
      I do pilates 2x a week, plus Zumba once or twice, plus teach elementary school = walking/on my feet all day long.
      Trampoline in the back yard = jumping fun for everyone, whenever possible.

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    18. It doesn't usually go quite this long but today we spent 8 hours outside to soak up as much sun and fun as possible in these last gorgeous days of summer.... we ran/walked to the playground to meet friends, then we ran around at the playground and the beach. Then while my 2 year old slept in his buggy for his afternoon nap, I ran/walked and did my errands - as I am figuring out this may be one of the few times I can fit in my own exercise after a full work week. And when he woke up, we went to another round of park and beach playing at another location that we had run to. Not always that busy! We also do swimming. And we love walking at the Ambleside dog park. My husband often puts him in the backpack to head out for a hike. This winter we hope to get up to the mountain for some winter active fun. It is all a challenge fitting it in, but we try and incorporate play and fun as much as possible.

    19. My wife, niece and I keep active by continuous walking our 5 dogs. My niece is active in soccer and basketball and plays on school teams. I've started bike riding again in an effort to improve my level of fitness.

    20. We try to find activities the whole family can do and this summer we've started swimming! Our local community centre has so many fun programs I never knew existed and we've been really enjoying getting involved. We also try to go for after dinner walks together and I hope as the weather changes, we can still keep it up!

      Have liked Healthy Family BC on FB and I've retweeted (@BCizzzle)

      fingers crossed :)

    21. My family and i are taking Copper for more walks (adventures), and eating less surgary-prepackaged foods. We have started to make our own deserts too!


    22. The Imp's only three, so school or no school doesn't have much of an impact on us yet. But I sold my car a few months ago, and we've been getting lots of exercise cycling everywhere. :)

    23. I don't have kids of my own, but try to do as many activities with my family as possible. We go golfing, to the local mountains or for walks. My mom and I go to the same gym so we try to work out together when we can.

    24. I like to stay healthy by being active outdoors!! And most kids love to play outside so when I have kids I want to make sure to spend lots of time outside with them to keep them healthy as well :)

    25. I'm not entering the giveaway - just commenting and saying hi! I find summer to be hard on losing weight too, and I remember the WW ladies complaining about it as well when I used to go to a center in Iowa. All the BBQ's and such, and a celebratory feel. I'm still trying to lose a few since this summer!

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