Thursday, March 11, 2010

We're Gonna Roll Around the Block Tonight

I think I'm paralyzed by blog envy. I haven't written since Monday and I have no idea what to write about.

In my efforts to understand the blogosphere (I learned a new word!) I have been reading and following tons of blogs. I discovered Google Reader and now have an average of 400 unread posts at any one time. I have read some absolutely fantastic posts in the last three weeks and I keep getting directed to more.

How can I even call myself a blogger (and do I?) when there are so many more accomplished people out there? I know they all had to start somewhere and I think I've done pretty well in my first month, but I've hit the wall.

I read a great post tonight at and loved the message - Write like no one is reading. I really enjoy writing this blog, even if it's never seen by another living soul. I feel a sense of accomplishment every time I click on "Publish Post" and then go straight to view it in all its live glory.

Even though this is for myself, this evening I was feeling pressure to write something, anything. I drew a blank. I was minutes away from panic because I didn't want this to be another diary I abandoned after the first few pages.

And then my 4 month old daughter rolled over for the first time. I cheered like a maniac and clapped and laughed and she stared up at me with a big goofy grin, showing me her other new favourite discovery, her tongue.

And my blog didn't matter.

I'm sure tomorrow I will be struck with inspiration and be back at it, but for now it doesn't matter as much as that drooly little bundle of love.

Now if only she would go to bed before 11pm...


  1. Sometimes it happens that there is nothing to say. And then sometimes there is too much to say! Congrats on your little sweetheart's achievement. That's what REALLY matters.

  2. oo come on, don't beat yourself have plenty to write about don't really "think" write from your heart that's what matters... your little bundle write about her.. i'm sure once you start you will have no troubles... have a great day!

  3. Aw, thanks for the shout out. And congrats to your baby girl! I still remember when Emily rolled over for the first time (and then didn't stop...)


  4. You are lovely, and your baby girl is lovely (still not an asshole eh?) and your blog is lovely. I too have blog envy, I wish someone would compile a list of bad blogs to make me feel better but that would be catty wouldn't it, meow.

  5. Hi, found you on MBC. What a great blog you have here. Congrats on your little one's roll over! My guy is 9 months old and is doing log rolls to get where he wants to go....a bit bizarre, but damn cute :O)

  6. Found you on MBC. I totally feel the same way! Don't feel you are the only one! You are right, the lil ones are MOST important!